Senior Thesis Symposium Information

The Senior Thesis Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, May 7th 9 am - 12:30 pm in Perkins Student Center. This event is free and open to the public.

Click here to see the preliminary program for the event.

Student Major Thesis Director Director's Dept. Symposium Participation Presentation Title
Andrew Baker  Mechanical Engineering  Joshua Hertz  Mechanical Engineering  Poster  BSCF electrodes investigated by impedance spectroscopy
Amanda Dunbar Wildlife Conservation Jacob Bowman Wildlife Conservation Poster Roosting Behavior of Eastern Wild Turkeys in Southern Delaware
Cory Bovenzi  Neuroscience, Biological Science, Psychology  Deni Galileo  Biological Sciences  Poster  Neuronal Migration and Survival in the Developing Chick Midbrain
Amy Nicole Chevalier  Chemical Engineering  Anne Robinson  Chemical Engineering  Poster  Effect of Changes; Disulfide Bond Network on G-Protein Coupled Receptors 
Stephanie Countess  Environmental Engineering  Daniel Cha  Environmental Engineering  Poster  Biopolymers from Wastewater Treatment Microorganisms 
Sara Danitz  Psychology  Adele Hayes  Psychology  Poster  The Effects of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on
Externalizing Behavior Problems in Maltreated Youth with PTSD 
Dylan Devlin  Biological Sciences  Randall Duncan  Biological Sciences  Poster  The Effects of DIDS on ATP Synthase in Osteoblasts
Geoffrey Dilg  Civil Engineering  Rachel Davidson  Civil Engineering  Poster  Wind Speed Estimates for Hurricane Evacuation 
Andrew Fassler  Mechanical Engineering  Michael Santare  Mechanical Engineering  Poster  Out of Plane Swelling of PFSA Membranes 
Jon Marc Finamore  Neuroscience  Anna Klintsova  Psychology  Poster  How Does Behavirol Testing Influence the Effects of Post-Natal Alcohol Exposure on Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Rats?
Sarah Friedrich  Mechanical Engineering Erik Thostenson  Mechanical Engineering Poster  Health monitoring in mechanically fastened composite joints 
Abigail Holmes  Political Science  Janet Johnson  Political Science and International Relations  Poster  The Peterson Factor 
Sean Hunt  Chemical Engineering  Jingguang Chen Chemical Engineering  Poster  Experimental and Computational Studies of Palladium Monolayers on Carbides as Economically Viable Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) Electrocatalysts 
Jean Huynh  Biochemistry, Biological Sciences  Patricia DeLeon  Biological Sciences  Poster  Elevated Calcium and Nitric Oxide Levels Mediate Sperm Motility Defects in Jam-A Null Mice
Stan Herrman Chemical Engineering Dionisios Vlachos Chemical Engineering Poster First-Principle Calculations of Adsorbate-Metal Interactions for Catalyst Design
Eric Insler  Economics  James Butkiewicz  Economics  Poster  The Interest Elasticity of Excess Reserves Held at the Federal Reserve
Dylan Kee  Physics  James MacDonald  Physics and Astronomy  Poster  Weak Reaction Rates in massive Stellar Environments 
Megan Kissig  Biological Sciences  Ulhas Naik  Biological Sciences  Poster  Role of Junctional adhesion molecule-A (JAM-A) in the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) 
Rebecca Lyon  Wildlife Conservation  Jeffrey Buler  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology Poster  The Effects of Wing Morphology and Bodysize on the Distribution of Migrating Birds Along the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico 
Gregory Mark  History  Steven Sidebotham  History  Poster  The Medal of Honor: Development of Criteria and Its Resulting Relevance 
Nicholas Marze Chemical Engineering  Maciek Antoniewicz  Chemical Engineering  Poster  Quantifying the Relative Contributions of Two Pathways to Odd-Chain-Length Fatty Acid Synthesis in 3T3-LI Adipoctyes
Dariusz Krzysztof Murakowski Chemical Engineering, Physics  Sandeep Patel  Chemistry & Biochemistry Poster  Molecular dynamics simulation of protein adsorption to the vapor-liquid interface
Michael Napolitano  Chemistry  Fidelma Boyd  Biological Sciences  Poster  Function and Evolutionary History of two Excisionases, VC1809 and VC1785 
Matthew Oleksiak  Chemical Engineering  Ismat Shah  Materials Science and Engineering, Physics and Astronomy  Poster  Structural and magnetic properties of single phase and phase separated Iron Copper (FeCu) Alloy 
Melissa Rotsides  Psychology  Carroll Izard  Psychology  Poster  Parents' Emotion Knowledge, Children's Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors, and Other Related Variables
Sepehr Sedigh Haghighat Biological Sciences  Bruce Boman  Biology  Poster  Using MirRNA Biomarkers for Colonic Stem Cells to Identify Theraputic Targets Against Cancer 
Suneil Ramakrishnan Seetharam  Chemical Engineering  Shreeram Inamdar  Bioresources  Poster  Quality of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Runoff from Various Watershed Sources 
Robert Sheehan  Quantative Biology  Melinda Duncan  Biological Sciences  Poster  Heterochromatin is Retained During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation 
Christine Sutkowski  Civil Engineering  Jack Puleo  Civil and Environmental Engineering  Poster  Quantifying Riverine Surface Velocities Using Thermal Infrared PIV  
DylanThorne-Fitzgerald  Exercise Physiology  Stuart Binder-Macleod  Physical Therapy  Poster  The Efects of Timing of Functional Electrical Stimulation to the Ankle Dorsiflexor Muscles on Post-stroke Gait
Coleen Thornley  History  James Brophy  History  Poster  Eugenics in Interwar Europe and America 
Mark Weidman Chemical Engineering  Jingguang Chen  Chemical Engineering  Poster  The Electrochemical Properties of Metal Carbides 
Kaylin M Young  Animal and Food Sciences  Limin Kung Jr  Animal and Food Sciences  Talk Effect of Protease Enzymes on Starch Digestion in Corn Silage
Edward Bonnevie  Mechanical Engineering  David Burris  Mechanical Engineering  Talk  The Contact and Friction of Cartilage Using Spherical Probes 
Kathleen Brown  HRIM  Ronald Cole  HRIM  Talk  In Search of Sustainability: Sustainable Initiatives in the Restaurant Industry 
Emily Bunin  Philosophy  Alan Fox  Philosophy  Talk  A Daoist Theory of Cognition 
Daniel Childs  Anthropology, Biological Sciences  Harsh Bais and Peter Roe Plant & Soil Science; Anthropology Talk  A Comparative Ethnobotanical Study of Three South American Indigenous Groups from Three Distinct Ecological Zones, and Their Plants' Effectiveness Against Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria 
Anthony Coppola  Mechanical Engineering  Erik Thostenson  Mechanical Engineering  Talk  Multifunctional Materials for Self-Healing 
Kevin Crum  Biological Sciences  Timothy Targett  Marine Biosciences  Talk  Comparison of Fundulus Heteroclitus Growth Rates and Movement Patterns at Altered and Natural Shorelines 
Craig Warren Davis  Environmental Engineering  Dominic Ditoro  Civil and Environmental Engineering  Talk  Modeling Organic Sorption onto Black Carbon: A Thermodynamic Model 
David Fuhrman  Philosophy  Joel Pust  Philosophy  Talk  Global Relativism and the Peritrope 
John Gardner  Chemical Engineering  Jingguang Chen  Chemical Engineering  Talk  Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Photoelectrodes for Use in Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells 
Joshua Glasner  Applied Music-Voice  Noel Archambeault
Music  Talk  Heredity and Voice Classification: A Foundational Study 
Marion Jacob  Applied Music - Piano  Russell Murray  Music  Talk  France, prends garde de perdre ton âme! 
Matthew King  Biological Sciences, Neuroscience  Melinda Duncan  Biological Sciences Talk  The Role of Fibronectin in the Ocular Lens 
Sarah Lafave  Nursing  Cynthia Diefenbeck  Nursing  Talk  Lori's Hands: Program Evaluation of a Volunteer Organization
Michael Mekailek  Art History, Music  Russell Murray   Music Talk  Music and Performance in Caravaggesque Painting 
Liza Melms  International Relations  Ralph Begleiter  Communications  Talk  Contrasting Indonesia and Egypt: the role of the veil in public versus private life as a religious and cultural choice 
Suranjit Mukherjee  Biological Sciences  Anja Nohe  Biology  Talk  Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for Use in an Animal Model 
Tejal Naik  Biological Sciences  Millicient Sullivan Chemical Engineering  Talk  Development of a Peptide Nucleic Acid Based siRNA Delivery System. 
Samantha Penta  Sociology  Tricia Wachtendorf  Sociology  Talk  Masculinity on the Hudson: Gendered Portrayals of the Flight 1549 Response 
Stephanie Povirk  Human Services  Barbara Settles  Human Services  Talk  Older Child Adoptions: View of Human Service Professionals 
Rebecca Riley  Communication  Lindsay Hoffman  Communication  Talk  Opinion Expression in a New Media Environment
Michelle Rose  Philosophy  Mark Greene  Philosophy  Talk   
Brittany Schieler  Biological Sciences  Tim Targett  Marine Biosciences  Talk  Daily variation in the ingress of early stage Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) and Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) into Delaware Bay 
Meredith Stuart  International Relations, History  Ken Campbell  Political Science  Talk  Humanitarian Peacekeeping: Civil-Military Interaction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 
Kristen Syme  Anthropology  Karen Rosenberg  Anthropology  Talk  Models and Methods for the Cross-Cultural Study of Depressive Affect and Depression 
Deborah Varnell  Electrical Engineering  Robert Hunsperger  Electrical and Computer Engineering  Talk  Inexpensive Fiber-Optic Sensors for Moisture Sensing 
Sharon Weaver  Chemical Engineering  Prasad Dhurjati  Chemical Engineering  Talk  Mathematical Simulation of Drug Concentration in the Human Body
Amanda Welch  Preveterinary Medicine  Robert Dyer  Animal Sciences  Talk  Expression of cell cycle and terminal differentiation markers in normal and ulcerated sole regions of the bovine claw 
James White  Chemistry  Joshua Hertz  Mechanical Engineering  Talk  Synthesis and Characterization of Doped Apatite-Type Lanthanum Silicates for Use as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Electrolytes 
Ilana Berman Psychology Adele Hayes Psychology Talk Caregiver History of Trauma, Levels of Support, Avoidance and Processing in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Youth with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder