Senior Thesis Symposium 2013

The Senior Thesis Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm in Perkins Student Center. This event is free and open to the public.

Click here to see the preliminary program for the event.

First Name Last Name Department Poster/Talk? Title Faculty Name Faculty Department
Melanie Allen Wildlife Conservation Poster Small mammal biodiversity in forest fragments of Newark, Delaware Kyle McCarthy Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Rachel Bacon Sociology Poster International Religious activity and the growth of seventh-day Adventism in United States Eric Tranby Sociology & Criminal Justice
Alexendra Victoria Bayles Chemical Engineering Poster Micromechanics of Anisotropic Partially Crystalline Emulsions Eric Furst Chemical Engineering
Jennifer Bruhns Quantitative Biology Poster Models for interaction of the tear film with the cornea and conjunctiva epithelium Richard Braun Mathematical Sciences
Carl Kemal Burgazli Chemical Engineering Poster Catalytic Reformation of C5-C12 Naphtha: a Pathways Approach Michael Klein Chemical Engineering
Michael Burtis Criminal Justice Poster The Emergence of Veteran's Courts: A Case Study of Delaware's State-Wide Organization Chrysanthi Leon Sociology
Mia Castiglione Neuroscience Poster Effect of Voluntary Exercise on c-Fos expression in the Hippocampus of Rats Exposed to Alcohol Neonatally Anna Klintsova Psychology
Katherine Chiseri Sociology Poster HIV Communication Mechanisms and Effectiveness Among Young Adults Barret Michael Sociology & Criminal Justice
Thomas Cristiani Chemical Engineering Poster Thiol-ene Isonomer Membranes for use in Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Christopher Kloxin Chemical Engineering
Lauren M. Cruz Wildlife Conservation Poster The Effects of Human Activity and water temperature on the nesting frequency of diamondback terrapins Christopher Williams Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Anna Davis Psychology Poster Initial Development of the Clinician Perspective Questionnaire: A Case Study of a State-Wide Dissemination and Implementation Effort of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Ryan Beveridge Psychology
Leo DeRita Chemical Engineering Poster Surfactant Self-Assembly in Ionic Liquids: Rehological & Structural Analysis Norman Wagner Chemical Engineering
Kahina Ghanem Biological Sciences Poster Bicarbonate reabsorption in the chick proximal tubule Gary Laverty Biological Sciences
Christine Gregg Mechanical Engineering Poster Multifunctional Nanocomposites: Designing nanostructure to Tailor Macroscopic Properties Erik Thostenson Mechanical Engineering
Claire Hatkevich Psychology Poster Attachment Injury Discussion in Attachment-Based Family Therapy as a Mediator of Improved Attachment Roger Kobak Psychology
Benjamin Hockman Mechanical Engineering Poster Emulating Nuclear Emissions with a Pulsed Laser Herbert Tanner Mechanical Engineering
Kelsey Holiday Psychology Poster Do Negative Emotional Pictures Automatically Capture Attention? James Hoffman Psychology
Devon Knauss Wildlife Conservation Poster The Effect of Landscape Characteristics on Mesocarnivore Occupancy in Forest Fragments Jacob Bowman Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Ronald L. Lewis, III Chemical Engineering Poster Utilization of Solvent Annealed Block Copolymer Thin Films as Surfaces for Biological Applications Thomas Epps, III Chemical Engineering
Nicholas Lombari Biological Sciences Poster Investigating the Roles of Wntless isoforms in Wingless Signaling Eric Selva Biological Sciences
Emily Mackey Pre-Veterinary & Animal Biosciences Poster Effects of subacute ruminal acidosis on gene expression patterns in rumen mucosa of dairy cattle Tanya Gressley Animal & Food Sciences
Elizabeth Matseur Wildlife Conservation Poster The Effects of Forest Thinning on Prairie Warbler Diversity and Abundance Christopher Williams Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Stephanie Marie Matt Psychology Poster Caregiver experiences provide lasting epigentic effects on rat hippocampal Bdnf gene activity Tania Roth Psychology
Tyler Monteith Natural Resource Management Poster Adoption of Best Management Practices: Evidence from  Nutrient Trading in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Josh Duke Applied Economics & Statistics
Vikramjit Singh Rathee Chemical Engineering Poster Mathematical Models for Evaporation of Thin Tear Film Richard Braun Mathematical Sciences
Lisa Scheuing Pyschology Poster Assessment of Epigenetic Changes Associated with Care Giving in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex of Adolescent Rats Tania Roth Psychology
Megan Ryan Shaffer Biological Sciences Poster Population structure of white perch (Morone americana) in Delaware Bay Patrick Gaffney Marine Science & Policy
Andrew Shah Chemical Engineering Poster Investigation of the Adsorption of Carbohydrates and Furans in Microporous Materials Vladimiros Nikolakis Chemical Engineering
Stephanie Shapiro Pre-Veterinary Medicine Poster In Vitro Culture Models for Avian Intestinal Enterocytes to Evaluate Differential Gene Expression Robert Dyer Animal & Food Sciences
Cassandra L. Simons Psychology Poster Sensitivity to Distress in Autonomous vs. Non-autonomous Caregivers Mary Dozier Psychology
Ian Stewart English Education Poster Reconstructing Victorian "Truth" Heidi Kaufman English
Andrew Agostini Psychology Talk The Neural Circuitry for Fear: Effects of lesions to the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis Jeff Rosen Psychology
Cooper Asay Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Animal Bioscience Talk A Comparative Analysis of the Fermentation and End Products of Competing Microbial Inoculants on Alfalfa Silage Limin Kung Animal Sciences
Christina Brown European Studies Talk Patterns of Incorporation of North African Migrants in Southern Europe Mark Miller Political Science
Patrick Bryd Philosophy Talk Understanding Vagueness Richard Hanley Philosophy
Casey Casalnuovo Computer Science Talk Towards Automating Commit Messages for Software Repositories Lori Pollock Computer Science
Kameron Conforti Chemical Engineering Talk Advanced Cathode Materials for Li-ion batteries Feng Jia Chemical Engineering
Kasia Dinkeloo Plant Science Talk The Tmpl Homologue in the Rice Blast Fungus: A genepredicted to sense reactive oxygen species Nicole Donofrio Plant Science
Megan Dumas Biological Sciences Talk The Role of the small GTPase Arf6 during Embryogenesis and its Potential Regulation by miR-31 Jia Song Biological Sciences
James B. Falandays Philosophy Talk Writing on the Wall: Relocating Poetry in the Internet Generation Steven Bernhardt English
Jennifer Ferris History Education Talk "Social Studies on Stage:" A Case Study in Arts Integration Lynetter Overby Theatre
Cameron Forbes Neuroscience Talk Examining Neurocognitive Function in Previously Concussed Interscholastic Female Soccer Players Thomas Keminski Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
Elizabeth Hetterly Biological Sciences Talk Perceptions of Family Planning Services Among Married Adolescent Girls in Urban Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh David Usher Biological Sciences
Leanne Keller Psychology Talk Sustained Attention Among Children Adopted Internationally Mary Dozier Psychology
Hillary Kerchner Chemistry Talk Arylation and Alkynylation of Oxocarbenium Ion Intermediates Mary Watson Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ian Lawrence History & Ancient Greek & Roman Studies Talk The Christo-mimetic Function of the Knights Templar in the Eschatology of St. Bernard of Clairvoux Daniel Callahan History
Maria F. Marquez Foreign language & Literature; Spanish Studies Talk Second Language Acquistion Barriers: Considering Lexicalization Blases Roberta Golinkoff Education
Allison McCague Biological Sciences Talk The Role of N-Linked Glycosylation During Drosophila Development Erica Sevla Biological Sciences
Elena Miller English Education Talk Improving Inclusive Instruction with Professional Learning Communities Laura Eisenman Education
Shannon Owings Chemistry Talk Manganese Cycling in the Marine Environment George Luther Marine Science & Policy
Remi Poindexter Art History Talk Representations of Labour and Leisure in the Works of Paul Gauguin in Martinique Margaret Werth Art History
Polly Reinicker Human Services Talk Inventory of sexuality education and reproductive resources in upper Delaware Barbara Settles Human Development & Family Studies
Andrew Reitter Music History & Literature Talk From Alberich to Gollum: Hollywood's Transformation of the Leitmotiv Philip Gentry Music
K. Michael Rowley Exercise Science Talk The effect of plantarflexion angle on landing mechanics using a within-subjects real-time feedback protocol James Ricahrds Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
Amanda Schechter Political Science Talk Technology's Role in Encouraging Youth Political Engagement Lindsay Hoffman Communications
Joseph Servadio Statistics Talk Factors Motivating the Sanitation Habits of Undergraduates: An Analysis of Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices Thomas Ilvento Applied Economics & Statistics
Justin Teesdale Chemistry Talk Rhenium Platforms Supporting Ancillary BODIPY Chromophores for Conversion of CO2 to Fuels Joel Rosenthal Chemistry & Biochemistry
Thien Chan Vu International Relations Talk NGO Development Addressing the Education Needs of Migrants in Beijing Alica Ba Political Science & International Relations
Sara Westbrook Neuroscience Talk Ontogeny of Novel object and Spatial Recognition Mark Stanton Psychology
Jocelyn Zajac Biochemistry Talk miRNA in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition and Posterior Capsule Opacification Melinda Duncan Biological Sciences