Senior Thesis Symposium 2012

The Senior Thesis Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm in Perkins Student Center. This event is free and open to the public.

Click here to see the preliminary program for the event.

First Name Last Name Department Poster/Talk?
Presentation Title Faculty Name
Faculty Department
Cody Prang Anthropology Poster

Locomotor Diversity and Midfoot Mobility in Gorillas

 Karen Rosenberg  Anthropology
Maggie Griebert Athletic Training Poster 

The Effect of Lower Leg Kinesio Tape Application on Plantar Pressures in Subjects with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

 Thomas Kaminski  Kinesiology & Applied Physiology


Biochemistry Poster  Glycosylation and Phosphorylation Induce Opposing Structural Conformations in Tau's Proline-Rich Domain  Neal Zondlo  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Laura Wertman  Biochemistry Poster  Poultry Evolution: A Concentration on NAG, CPSI, and the Urea Cycle  Carl Schmidt Animal and Food Sciences
Lydia Bonar  Biological Sciences Poster  Small RNA Regulation of Neurogenesis in Sea Urchins   Jia Song Biological Sciences
Erica Boetefuer  Biological Sciences Poster The Role of atg18 in Signal Transduction Pathways during Drosophila Development  Erica Selva Biological Sciences
Alex D'Angelo  Biological Sciences Poster

Image cross correlation spectroscopy used to study the membrane localization of BMPRIa and FGF1

 Anja Nohe  Biological Sciences
Lauren Gurski  Biological Sciences Poster The Redirection of Adipocyte to Osteoblast Through the Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 Pathway and with the use of Casein Kinase 2  Anja Nohe  Biological Sciences
Lyana Labrada  Biological Sciences Poster  Role of Hyaluronidases in Prostate Cancer Metastasis  Kenneth Van Golen  Biological Sciences
Ashley Shay Biological Sciences Poster Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: Molecular Consequences of Transcription Factor Mutation Vicky Funanage  Biological Sciences
Katie Yost  Biological Sciences Poster  The Effect of Wetland Restoration on Arthropod Communities  Douglas Tallamy  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Michael  Ghidiu  Chemistry Poster

NHC-Gold(I) and (III) Complexes for use in Energy Storage and Halogenation Catalysis

 Joel Rosenthal  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rebecca  Aiken  Civil Engineering Poster  Spatio-Temporal Hydrodynamic Variability in a Small Tidal Creek  Thomas McKenna  Geological Sciences/DE Geological Survey
Helen Turkel  Criminal Justice Poster Juvenile Victimization and Trauma: the Link Between Juvenile Offending and their Victimization  Susam Miller   Criminal Justice
Rebecca Godwin Early Childhood Education Poster Maneuvering through the Thought Stream: Investigating Preschoolers' Thoughts about Thoughts  Cynthia Paris  Human Development & Family Studies
Ryan  Morse  English Poster  The Utopias of Vonnegut and Marcuse  Timothy Spaulding  English
Joshua  Humberston  Geological Sciences Poster  Radionuclide Indicators of Sediment Deposition in the Delaware Estuary  Christopher Sommerfield  Oceanography
Kenneth  Chen Neuroscience Poster  Assessment of bdnfDNA Methylation in the Developing Amygdala Associated With Caregiving  Tania Roth  Psychology
Kerry  Criss  Neurosciences Poster  Behavioral Therapy to Ameliorate the Effects of Neonatal Alcohol Exposure on Dendritic Spines on the Rodent mPFC  Anna Klintsova  Psychology
Glenn Watson  Neurosciences Poster The  Effects of Dorsal  Hippocampal inactivation on working memory-dependent and independent tasks  Amy Griffin  Psychology
Marissa  Merson  Nursing Poster  The Effect of a Mobility Program on the Prevalence of Delirium in the Hospitalized Older Adult  Paula Klemm   Nursing
Nicholas  Troup  Physics & Astronomy Poster  Habitability and Stability of Earth-Like Planets in Binary Star Systems  John Gizis  Physics & Astronomy
Elizabeth  Allen  Psychology Talk Assessing Intervention Experiences Among Parents of High-Risk Children  Mary Dozier  Psychology
Sage  Boettcher   Psychology  Poster Exploring the Neural Basis of Emotional Induced Blindness Using Event-Related Brain Potentials  James Hoffman   Psychology
Edgar Petras   Psychology  Poster Continuing Study of Retroactive Memory Enhancement   Steve Most   Psychology
Adrienne  Pinto   Psychology  Poster Do Cross-linguistic differences affect source monitoring?  Anna Papafragou   Psychology
Alicia Liu  Quantitative Biology  Poster  The Effects of the Oxylosyltransferase Mutation on Wg, Hh, and DPP Signaling  Erica Selva  Biological Sciences
Jessica Ermak  Wildlife Conservation  Poster  Building a Predictive Habitat Model for Muskrats in New Jersey  Christopher Williams  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Marissa  Goldstein  Wildlife Conservation  Poster  A Comparison of Sampling Methodologies to Improve Carrying Capacity Estimates of American Black Ducks in New Jersey  Christopher Williams    Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Holley  Kline  Wildlife Conservation  Poster  Habitat Use of White-Tailed Deer During the Growing Season  Jacob Bowman  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Christopher Wright   Biochemistry  Talk  Analysis of Small RNA's Associated with Plant Senescence   Pam Green  Plant & Soil Science
Emily  Olson  Marine Science Talk  The Ecology of Juvenile Horseshoe Crabs, Limulus Polyphermus, in Delaware's Inland Bays  Douglas Miller  Oceanography
John Paul Harris  Plant & Soil Sciences  Talk  Degradation of harmful bacteria in simulated wastewater and storm water runoff by the white rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus  Anastasia Churnside  Bioresources Engineering
Jing  Lu  Chemical Engineering  Talk  Thermus Thermophilus as a Thermophilic Model Organism for Biofuels Production  Maciek Antoniewicz  Chemical Engineering
Tracie  Ervin  Enviornmental Engineering  Talk  Enzyme-Enhanced Microbial Fuel Cells  Steve Dentel  Civil and Enviornmental Engineering
Cory  Bart  Computer Science  Talk Wacky Writing:  Exploring the XO Laptop as a Platform for Encouraging Creative Writing by Children  Lori Pollock  Computer Science
Victoria  Allen  Nursing  Talk Investigating Participation in Level I/II Activities by Potential Copers and Non-Copers 12 Months After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction  Lynn Snyder-Mackler  Physical Therapy
Lisa  Dokovna  Neuroscience  Talk  Identifying Senitive Developmental Periods for the Effects of Neonatal Alcohol Exposure on the Context Pre-Exposure Facilitation Effect  Mark Stanton  Psychology
Cera  Babb Music Education  Talk The Emotional Effect of Choral Singing on Vocalists   Duane Cottrell  Music
Katherine  Gloede  Music Education  Talk  Expressionism in Viennese Opera and Weimar Cinema  Philip Gentry  Music
Rebecca  Cweibel Music History and Literature  Talk  Selling Out in the Sixties: Commercialization and Commodification in Three Musical Genres  Philip Gentry  Music
Kelli  Shermeyer  English  Talk Dangerous Play-things: Staging the Scandalous in Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling  Miranda Wilson  English
Gregory  Laluna  English  Talk  Nature's Logic: Understanding Tragedy in the Works of Thomas Hardy Bernard McKenna  English
Shane  Palkovitz  English  Talk Human Displacement in the 'Third World' and in Paradise  McKay Jenkins  English
Ben  Karlin  English  Talk  Stories of the Jasmine Revolution  McKay Jenkins  English
Joanna  Adadevoh  Chemical Engineering  Talk  The Effect of Ammonia on the Glycosylation Pattern of Monoclonal Antibodies  Babatunde Ogunnaike  Chemical Engineering
Joey Kim   Chemical Engineering  Talk Characterization of Gradient Generating Vapor Deposition Device and Application on Elastomeric Polymer Substrate Surface  Thomas Epps  Chemical Engineering
Jennifer  Gallo  Anthropology  Talk Hanging out and Hooked up: Ambiguity in Interpersonal Relations in Contemporary Campus Culture  Peter Weil  Anthropology
Amanda  Goebel  Anthropology  Talk Women's Waistcoats in England and America, 1700-1790 Lu Ann DeCunzo  Anthropology
Paul  Miranda  History  Talk Captive in Barbary: The Stereotyping of Arabs, Moors, Turks, and Islam in Early American Society, 1785-1846 Owen White  History
Madeleine  Wright Latin American Studies  Talk Curbing the Mayhem in Rio de Janeiro's Sensations: The Phenomenon of Pacified Favelas  Carla Guerron-Montero Anthropology 
Brenna  James  Political Science Talk President Obama's Role in Reinvigorating the Arab-Israeli Peace Process  Daniel Green  Political Science
Liam  Phibbs  Political Science Talk  Justice Scalia: Textualism v. Technology  James Magee  Political Science
William  Humphrey  Political Science  Talk  'I Accept Your Nomination'- American Dream Rhetoric in Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches, 1932-2008  Jason Mycoff  Political Science
Rebecca  Trexler  Criminal Justice  Talk Cruel Punishment: Proportionate Sentencing and the Delaware Constitution  Kenneth Haas  Sociology & Criminal Justice
Soma  Jobbagy  Biochemistry  Talk  Novel Antiandrogens as Potential Prostate Cancer Therapeutics  John Koh  Chemistry & Biochemistry
David  Raciti  Biochemistry  Talk  Activity of Astrogorgiadiol  Douglass Taber  Chemistry & Biochemistry
Sarah  Stamm Biological Sciences  Poster Mechanisms of Resistance to Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and other Antimicrobials in Salmonella enterica  Diane Herson  Biological Sciences
Tim  Gilpatrick  Biochemistry  Talk Examining the Role of Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 in Atherosclerosis Brian Bahnson  Chemistry & Biochemistry
Derek  Ahneman  Chemistry  Talk  Mechanistic Studies of the Silyl -Heck Reaction  Donald Watson  Chemistry & Biochemistry
 Capossela   Wildlife Conservation  Poster The effect of landscape and microhabitat variables on the distribution of herpetofauna in forest fragments.  Jacob Bowman  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology
Nicole Hengst Wildlife Conservation Poster Interpreting nest evidence of predated artificial wild turkey nests in Sussex County Delaware Jacob Bowman Entomology & Wildlife Ecology