Poster Session 2012

First Name
Last Name Faculty Name
Faculty Department Project Title
Rebecca Aiken  Dr. Jack Puleo/Mr. Tom McKenna Civil Engineering  Spatio-Temporal Hydrodynamic Variability in a Small Tidal Creek: DNERR St. Jones Reserve
Peter Attia  Joshua Zide Materials Science & Engineering  Thermoelectric Power Generation inTime-varying Temperature Environment
Elyssa Bernfeld  Sharon Rozovsky Chemistry & Biochemistry  An Efficient Protocol for Sulfur Substitution by Selenium in Augmenter of Liver Regeneration
Andrew Bitner  Babatunde A. Ogunnaike Chemical Engineering  Stochastic Modeling of Glycosylation Concentration Distribution in Monoclonal Antibodies
Jennifer Bruhns  Dr. Richard Braun Mathematical Sciences  Models of Osmosis Between the Tear Film and Epithelium of the Ocular Surface
Amy Cannon  Dr. Gulnihal Ozbay Environmental Science  Aquatic Health Near Wasteland Discharge in Delaware Inland Bays Tidal Canal: Monitoring Heavy Metal Contaminants
Kari Cervelli  Dr. Diane Herson  Biological Sciences  Mechanisms of Biocide Resistance and Observed Cross Resistance of Triclosan-Resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium
Jessica Chopyk  Eric Wommack  Plant & Soil Sciences  Optimization of Methods for Enumeration and Concentration of Environmental Viral Assemblage
Kameron Conforti  Dr. Feng Jiao  Chemical Engineering  Li2CoSiO4 as a Cathode Material for Li-Ion Batteries
Thomas Cristiani  Joshua Zide  Materials Science & Engineering  Thermodynamic Modeling of Concentration Gradients in InGaAs
Willow Crosby  Dr. Barry Walker  Physics & Astronomy  Techniques of FROG Scanning
Gregory Darone  Dr. Svilen Bobev  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Tetragonal to Orthohombic Crystal Structure Transition in Ho (Ga1-XSiX)2
Nicolas Di Domizio  Dr. Anne Skaja Robinson  Chemical Engineering  Insertion of a Monomeric Cyan Fluorescent Protein into Yeast Wild-Type and Human Chimeras of the G Protein α Subunit for Visualization in S. cerevisiae
Noelle Diana  Dr. Tanya Gressley  Animal & Food Sciences  The Effect of Thymol on Staphylococcus aureus Killing by Bovine Neutrophils
 Kasia Dinkeloo  Nicole Donofrio  Plant & Soil Sciences  The TmpL Homolog in the Rice Blast Fungus: a Gene Predicted in Sensing Reactive Oxygen Species.
 Andrea  Druga  Dr. Mark E. Stanton  Psychology  The Role of the Hippocampus in Context Conditioning in Weanling Rats
 Megan  Dumas  Jia L. Song  Biological Sciences  The Role of the Small GTPase ARF6 and its Potential Regulation by MicroRNA-31 During Early Embryogenesis
 Melissa Ehrich  Dr. Changqing Wu  Animal & Food Sciences  The Effects of Ozone, Mild Heat, Organic Acids and Thymol on the Quality of Green Onions and Blueberries
 John  Feick  Dr. Joseph Fox  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Efficient and Versatile Bioconjugation Using Electron-Deficient Tetrazine: a Strain-Driven Reaction
 Matthew  Fischel  Donald Sparks  Plant & Soil Sciences  Kinetics of Arsenite Oxidation by Manganese Oxide Minerals: Importance for Water Quality and Environmental Sustainability
 Michelle  Francis  Mary Ann McLane  Medical Technology  Crosslinking Venom Protein to Melanoma Cells
 Alexander  Gilchrist  Dr. Mark E Stanton  Psychology  Short-Delay, Long-Delay, and Trace Fear Conitioning in a Neonatal Alcohol Rodent Model
 Stephen  Gonski  Mr. Scott Andres  Chemistry conentration in Environmental Chemistry  Characterization of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Sites in a Coastal Lagoon
 Christine  Gregg  Erik Thostenson  Mechanical Engineering  Characterization of Damage Mechanisms in Mechanically Fastened Composite Joints Using Carbon Nanotube Networks
Maggie  Griebert  Thomas Kaminski  Kinesiology & Applied Physiology  The Effect of Kinesio Tape on Plantar Pressure in Subjects with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
 Stephen  Hale  Suresh Advani  Mechanical Engineering  Modeling Heat Generation in Lithium Titanate Batteries
 Chelsea  Halley  Mr. Gerald Kauffman  Food & Reosurce Economics  Shad Restoration on the White Clay Creek Wild and Scenic River
 Kathleen  Harris  Jeremy Firestone  School of Marine Science and Policy  Public Opinion on the Process of Offshore Wind Power Implementation and Their Effect on the Support for Offshore Wind Power
 John Paul  Harris Anastasia Chirnside & Nancy Gregory  Bioresource Engineering & Plant and Soil Sciences  Degradation of harmful bacteria in simulated wastewater and storm water runoff by the white rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus
 Ellen  Hartig  Dr. Limin Kung, Jr.  Animal & Food Sciences  The Effect of Two Levels of and Experimental Yeast; Either Alone or in Combination with L. buchneri 40788, on the Fermentation and Aerobic Stability of Corn Silage
 Erica  Hartman  Christoper Modlesky  Kinesiology & Applied Physiology  The Effects of High-Frequency Low-Magnitude Vibrations on Muscle Activity
 Alexia  Hay  Lynn Snyder-Mackler  Physical Therapy  Effect of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury on Vertical Ground Reaction Forces During Walking in Non-copers
 Benjamin  Hockman  Herbert Tanner  Mechanical Engineering  Emulating Poisson Emissions with a Pulsed Laser
 Kelsey  Holiday  Amy Griffin  Psychology  Comparing the Effects of Hippocampal Inactivation Between Two Tasks that Differ in Working Memory Demand
 Adam  Horn  Kenneth van Golen  Biological Sciences  Analyzing Rho Dynamics By Single Molecule Immunoprecipitation
 Jason  Huynh  George Hadjipanayis  Physics & Astronomy  SiO2-Coated FePt Nanoparticles for Biomedical Application
 Keywan  Johnson  Donald Watson  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Studies Towards Development of a Practical Silyl-Heck Reaction
 Devon  Knauss  Dr. Jacob Bowman  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology  The Influence of Roads on the Resource Selection of White-tailed Deer
 David  Koeplinger  Takashi Buma  Electrical & Computer Engineering  Photoacoustic Microscopy with a Multicolor Stimulated Raman Scattering Pulsed Optical Source
 Sintia  Krizman  Christopher Roberts  Chemical Engineering  Biophysical Nature of Non-ionic Surfactants as Protein Stabilizers
 Nicholaus  Lacock  Herbert Tanner  Mechanical Engineering  Path Planning for Stochastic Systems
 Sabrina  Leventhal  Limin Kung, Jr.  Animal & Food Sciences  Microbial Identification of Lactobacillus Buchneri Using Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Analysis
 Siming  Li  Douglas Buttrey  chemical Engr  Design and Building of a Fixed Bed Reactor System
 Matthew  Liebross  Anja Nohe  Biological Sciences  Synthesizing and Analyzing MicroCT Images of Cystein Capped Silver Nanoparticles with a 2nm Core
 Dajun  Lin  Sebastian M. Cioaba  Mathematical Sciences  Cospectral Graphs
 Yifei  Liu  Dionisios G. Vlachos  Chemical Engineering  Continuous Separation of Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) from the Aqueous Solution by Y-shaped Microseparator
 Emily  Mackey  Dr. Tanya Gressley  Animal & Food Sciences  Measurement of Calf Starter Intake and Growth Response of Dairy
Calves Fed a Traditional Starter Versus a Reduced Protein Amino Acid
Balanced Calf Starter
 Zachary  March  Dr. David Colby  Chemical Engineering  Design of an Amyloid Seeding Assay for the Sensitive Detection of Misfolded Tau
 Kara  Martin  Neal Zondlo  Chemistry & Biochemistry  BIological Ligations of Peptides
 Danielle  McKenna  Dr. Robert Sikes  Biological Sciences  Which Risk Model or Combination of Risk Models is Most Accurate in Predicting a Mutation in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genes?
 Jessica  McKnight  David Legates  Geography  Dissemination of Environmental Information to Public Officials
Colleen Moens Pak-Wing Fok Mathematical Sciences Effect of LDL Dynamics on Cell Counts in Atherosclerotic Plaque
Dwaipayan Muhuri Dr. McLane Medical Technology Intracellular Phosphorylation in Melanoma Cell Line 1205Lu Exposed to Disintegrin Eristostatin
Ryan O'Boyle David Colby Chemical Engineering Epitope Mapping the Prion Protein
Michael Orella Dr. Dionisios G. Vlachos Chemical Engineering Fructose Dehydration Into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF): Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Mark Oteiza R.V. Roy Mechanical Engineering Numerical Studies in Shape Optimization
Shannon Owings George W. Luther School of Marine Science and Policy Pyrite and Elemental Sulfur Nanoparticles in the Chesapeake Bay
Julianne Page Julia Anne Maresca Civil & Environmental Engineering Behaviors and Classification of Coastal Bacteria
 Monica  Pirigyi  Neal Zondlo  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Bio-orthogonal Ligations of Peptides and Proteins
 Thomas  Potter  Sylvain Cloutier  Electrical & Computer Engineering  Analysis of the Efficiency and Life Span of Polymer Based Solar Cells
 Meng  Ren  Eleftherios Terry Papoutsakis  Chemical Engineering  Heterologous Expression of Wood-Ljundahl Pathway Genes into C. acetobutylicum
 Melissa  Richard  Douglas Tallamy  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology  Evaluating Food Web Complexity of Invaded Habitats
 Kevin  Rowley  James Richards  Kinesiology & Applied Physiology  The Effect of Plantarflexion Angle on Landing Mechanics Using a Within-Subjects Real-time Feedback Protocol
 Eric  Sabo  Qaisar Shafi  Physics & Astronomy  Inflation In An Era Of Precision Cosmology
 Lauren  Sager  Jia Song  Biological Sciences  The mRNA Localization of Potential miR-31 Gene Targets in the Sea Urchin Embryo
 Matthew  Saponaro  Keith Decker  Computer & Information Sciences Dynamics of Colon Cancer Development: An Agent-Based  Computational Model
 Ashlee  Schaeffer  Dr. Charles Bartlett  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology  Diversity of Delphacid Planthoppers (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea) of the Selenge River Basin, Mongolia
 Carrie  Scheick  Dr. Delphis Levia  Environmental Science  Is Atmospheric Deposition and Washoff of Aluminum in Stemflow a Significant Source of Aluminum to Forest Soils?
 Helen  Schmidt  K. Eric Wommack  Plant & Soil Sciences  Unexplored diversity of marine viral DNA polymerases revealed through metagenomics
Stephanie Shapiro Carl Schmidt & Robert Dyer  Animal & Food Sciences  In Vitro Culture Models for Avian Intestinal Enterocytes
Matthew Sinnott Erik Thostenson  Mechanical Engineering  Vascular Self-Healing and Damage Detection in 3-D Braided Composites
Jeffrey Smith Dr. Judith Hough-Goldstein  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology  Phototaxis, Host Cues, and Host-plant Finding in a Monophageous Weevil, Rhinoncomimus latipes
Nicholas Spalt Mr. Scott Andres  Hydraulic Properties of the Columbia Aquifer  Hydraulic Properties of the Columbia Aquifer
Matthew Stagitis Sandra Carberry Computer & Information Sciences  "Exploiting Information Graphics in a Digital Library: Constructing a Development Set"
Monica Sterk Dr. Robert Dyer  Animal & Food Sciences  Establishing an In Vitro Culture Model for Rumen Epithelial Cells
Justin Teesdale Joel Rosenthal  Chemistry & Biochemistry  BODIPY Appended Rhenium Based Molecular Platforms for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
 Kimberly  Teoli  Dr. James Pizzuto  Geological Sciences  Sediment Transport through Historic Mill Dams of the Christiana River Basin
 Scott  Tibbetts  Erica Selva  Biological Sciences  Defining the Wingless Binding Domain of Sprinter
Kayla Titus Dr. Larry Cogburn  Animal & Food Sciences  Differential Gene Expression in Hormonally-Induced Fat and Lean Phenotypes
Jon Tomczak Brian Bahnson  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Lipoprotein Association of PAF-AH
Matthew Vahabi Dr. Limin Kung  Animal & Food Sciences  The Effect of Aspergillus oryzae on the Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility of Brown Midrib Corn Silage
Josh Wallace Bill Rose  Kinesiology & Applied Physiology  Forearm Versus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Differences
Nicole Wells Fouad Kiamilev  Electrical & Computer Engineering  Vehicle to Grid: Electric Vehicles as an Energy Storage Solution
 Molly  Wessel  Dr. Jill Startzell Higginson  Mechanical Engineering  Effect of Handrail Usage During Treadmill Walking in Post-stroke Patients
Matthew White Charles G. Riordan  Chemistry & Biochemistry  Exploring Kinetics and Reactivity of a Superoxo-Nickel Trispyrazolylborate Complex
 Jennifer  Wilkinson  Mark S. Parcells, Ph.D.  Animal & Food Sciences  Development of a Canine Coronavirus (CCoV) Vector System for the Treatment of Canine Hemangiosarcoma
 Jordan  Wynn  Jennifer McConnell  Civil & Environmental Engr.  Evaluation of Unpainted Weathering-Steel Highway-Bridge Performanc
 Katie Yost  Dr. Douglas Tallamy  Entomology & Wildlife Ecology  The Effect of Wetland Restoration on Arthropod Communities
 Yang  Yu  Joshua Hertz  Mechanical Engineering  Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanum Silicates by a Sol-gel Process
Jocelyn Zajac Melinda Duncan  Biological Sciences  The Regulation and Function of Sip1 in the Eye Lens
Sam Widmayer Dr. Shawn Polson  Biological Sciences  Exploring the Eastern Oyster Microbiome: Surveying Bacterial and Viral Associates of Choptank River Populations